Moving Miracles - Enrollment

Tuition Reimbursement

Did you know your health insurance provider may now reimburse up to 50% or more of your child’s tuition for each dance season?

BCBS              IH

Tuition Reimbursement Through Your Health Insurance Provider

BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York has approved Moving Miracles as a health education provider through their Alive & Lively® Program. Active members may be eligible for up to $200 of tuition reimbursement per dance season. (Private sessions excluded). See our office for more details.

Independent Health’s Health Extras Program recently approved tuition assistance! Independent Health members may use their "Health Extra" cards to pay for tuition and classes.

Please call your insurance carrier for verification of coverage with the Alive & Lively® Health Education Program or Health Extras Program, then contact the dance studio office @ 656-1321 with your information.

Please remember all accounts must be kept current throughout the dance season.

Registration and Costume/Performance fees not covered.