Moving Miracles Upcoming Events

Tickets are now on Sale!

It is with great pleasure we announce Moving Miracles’ 26th season to present "School of Rock" on Saturday, May 18, 2024. Moving Miracles dancers are busy with costume fittings, learning new choreography, and perfecting their performances.

As said by Pete Townshend, "Rock 'n' Roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them." Come spend the afternoon with us and let the music take you away. We'll get you moving and grooving as our performers come to life to awaken your soul. From that old time Rock 'n' Roll to Punk Rock, our performers promise to take you back to younger days, when you danced in front of the TV screen to Dick Clark's American Bandstand and when songs from the Rolling Stones and U2 ruled the airwaves!

Rock has been a vehicle for change and empowerment throughout American history. This season, we are honoring the musical artists who have made significant contributions in the world of rock. Our dancers will be wearing their leather jackets, concert T-shirts, and more! If you got them, wear them. We'd love to see your leather or that denim jean jacket with your favorite album on the back. And don't forget the air guitars!

Tickets are $10. Buy tickets.